Pupil Discretion: High Profile Clients

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I've had the incredible pleasure to work with so many inspiring and talented people who have contributed so much to this country I feel humbled that you have sort my services and recommended family and friends to mrk1 driving school. 

I will not divulge any detail's of clients names as discretion is paramount private and personal, keep sakes are only for myself and something to show the grandchildren I must admit I do appreciate and signed photo/ album or item of sport equipment.



I'm often contacted by PA's of International business owners, CEO's, celebrity, musicians, world-famous musical conductor, various sports personalities, surgeons, gp's, high level government workers to name but a few.

I also have agreed to teach pupils from Birmingham and further afield that travel to see me and benefit from my Superior training techniques and reputation. 

Best Regards,

Mark Allen. 

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